The Polar Express – Williams, AZ…

While we were waiting for the closing on the sale of our house, I planned most of our first traveling route – October through Christmas. I booked most of the RV parks where we’ve stayed in advance. I did not preplan many activities, though. When I called The Grand Canyon Railway Hotel & RV Park to book a spot, the lady on the phone told me about the Polar Express Train. She said it is very popular and sells out quickly. I splurged and bought tickets then. I’m so glad I did.

Our kids had never ridden a real train. Just getting to ride on a train is an amazing experience in and of itself.

A few days before our scheduled train ride, I went to Target to buy Christmas pajamas for all of us. I was planning to buy matching pajamas, but I quickly realized that it was impossible to find each size in the exact same kind. That’s typical. In a big family, Plan A almost never works. You learn to adapt quickly to a Plan B, C or D. Flexibility is key. In the end, I got an array of cute pajamas and loved the mismatch more than I would have liked matching anyway. Ryan and I gave our kids the pajamas and told them we had tickets to ride the Polar Express. They were so excited!

Our oldest five kids have seen the movie The Polar Express. Our youngest five haven’t, but that didn’t stop them from loving the train ride.

We boarded the train, and not long after the action began.

It was seriously so cute and fun! There was music, dancing, hot chocolate and cookies.

The conductor came by and punched each of our golden tickets, just like the movie.

We rode to the North Pole. Santa and elves waved. Then Santa boarded the train and gifted a bell to each child.

Every one of our kids, Ryan and I all had a great time. It was an hour and a half of pure Christmastime fun!

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