The Grand Canyon – Arizona…

Wednesday we went to the Grand Canyon.

I have seen photos. I knew it would be amazing. But it was even more grand than I could have imagined.

We entered the park at the south rim. We went to the visitor’s center, and from there we walked to Mather Point. It was fast and easy to get to, and it was a great view of the Grand Canyon. There were a lot of tourists, and it was a little tricky trying to get photos without tourists in the background.

There is a shuttle that takes visitors to several viewing points. We did not ride the shuttle. Instead, we chose to drive to one of the spots the shuttle doesn’t stop, Grandview Point. It was less touristy and had really great views.

Taking kids was fine safety-wise. There is high railing in several look out spots and no railing in other places. If you have kids who tend to run ahead or not stay close by, it would be easy to stick to the high rail viewing spots.

Our kids were truly amazed by the view of the Grand Canyon. Tapestry said it was one of the coolest things she’s ever seen in her entire life.

Our oldest five kids had been memorizing Psalm 91. It’s all about God’s protection. They thought it would be pretty awesome to say it at the Grand Canyon to send to some friends who really love these verses. So that’s what they did. ❤️

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  1. That was awesome enjoy your time at the Grand Canyon thanks for sharing these wonderful moments with us followers!

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