Snow Days in Arizona…

When we say it snowed in Texas, we typically mean snowflakes fell from the sky for 15 minutes to 1 hour. And that is exciting! Because that’s about all the snow we get once every few years.

As Texans, we would have never imagined getting to play in real, stick-to-the-ground, more-than-1/2-an-inch snow the couple days after Thanksgiving. It snowed and snowed and snowed in Williams, AZ.

We prepared by buying plenty of groceries because Texans are 100% unprepared for driving in snow. As far as we were concerned, we were snowed in and happy about it.

We bundled up in our warmest clothes and went out to play.

Snowballs, snow castles, snow forts, snowmen, snow angels…we did it all.

Oh, and don’t forget eating the snow. We did that, too.

Manning braved being buried in snow, all but his head.

Our five oldest kids had a blast and were able to endure the cold longer than our little ones. Jubilee, Mercy and Treasure really lasted longer than I thought they would, though, and they had so much fun.

River loved looking at the snow. She enjoyed being out in it only if she was being held by her mommy or daddy or holding one of our hands.

Bravely just looked around curiously.

All in all, these Texans thoroughly enjoyed the snow! AND we were thankful the roads were clear by the time we were scheduled to head to our next location!

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