Patriots Point – Charleston, SC…

Monday we visited Patriots Point.

Tickets are $24 per adult, $16 per kid ages 6-11 and free for kids ages 5 and under. General admission includes USS YORKTOWN Aircraft Carrier, USS LAFFEY Destroyer, USS CLAMAGORE Submarine, 3 Acre Vietnam Experience, Medal of Honor Museum and 28 Historic Aircraft.

Since we’d already toured the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier in San Diego, we decided to walk through the destroyer and submarine first.

There is a good amount of climbing up and down steep stairs. Our kids did fine, but we definitely weren’t comfortable letting our little ones go up or down unattended.

Our younger kids simply enjoyed the adventure of walking into different kinds of rooms, climbing stairs and touching most anything they were allowed to touch.

Our older kids liked seeing and learning about the weapons and how this destroyer defended itself.

One of our kids’ favorite parts was seeing the living quarters and thinking about how people lived in these spaces.

After going through the destroyer, we walked over to the submarine.

Our kids were especially excited to see what this was like.

The thought of it being submerged under water had our kids completely intrigued.

This was a short, easy and interesting tour.

Treasure was determined to climb every ladder and to do absolutely anything we’d let her do. My mom says she’s a lot like I was as a kid. 😁

Lastly, we headed over to the aircraft carrier.

It was still fun and fascinating even though we’d previously toured an aircraft carrier.

USS Yorktown is similar to USS Midway, but it does have some different and unique qualities.

One thing that our kids thought was super cool is that this carrier pulled Apollo 8 out of the ocean after it fell from space.

Tapestry pretended to preach in the carrier chapel, and our boys pretended to be soldiers.

Our kids have loved the bunk beds in both carriers we’ve seen. I suppose a room like this with so many bunks makes a lot of sense for a big family.

And this would make a good family movie room. Ha.

Viewing the planes was fun and interesting.

We made it to the flight deck as the sun was going down.

We got to see some beautiful views of the Charleston Harbor and Ravenel Bridge.

That was a great ending to our time at Patriot’s Point!

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