Savannah, GA…

Thursday we made it to Savannah, GA.

We are absolutely loving this town. It is charming, multicultural and a lot of fun.

We love our RV park. It is a relaxing farm with horses, ponds and walking trails.

The first few days we were here, we just rested and relaxed. We hung out in the RV and went on walks around the park.

We also got a new control board in the mail and fixed our refrigerator that hadn’t been working since Texas. We have a tiny outdoor fridge we were using, but we are very happy to have our big indoor fridge back in use!

We took Tapestry, Cherish and Liberty to get haircuts. Tapestry loved her long hair, but she had been wanting to donate her hair for wigs for kids. Cherish had been wanting this particular short hairstyle for awhile, and she was able to donate her hair as well. Liberty’s hair wasn’t long enough to donate, but she wanted a short haircut, also. We love their cute cuts and were so happy Tapestry and Cherish were able to donate!

Sunday we went to The Seed Church. It was so good, and the people were so friendly. After church we enjoyed going to lunch with a new friend, Frances, who has 7 kids and 11 grandkids.

Sometimes we need down days. After the amazing and exhausting fun of Disney World and then St. Augustine, we really enjoyed these relaxing days.

When Monday hit, we were rejuvenated and ready to go again.

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