Chasing a dream – Hilton Head Island, SC…

Monday morning we headed out to chase a dream. We drove an hour from Savannah, GA to Hilton Head Island, SC in search of the 2020 HGTV Dream Home.

I wouldn’t say we are obsessed with the dream home, but I do have the entire interior and exterior memorized in my mind. And Ryan and I do both enter the contest twice a day every day. 😁

We were not able to enter the community where the dream home is located, but we did find it and were excited to hear about it from the man at the entrance of Windmill Harbour.

We decided to hang out for awhile and check out the island since we drove all that way.

We rode around for awhile sightseeing, and then we ended up at Harbour Town.

Harbour Town is a really cool area with a lighthouse, pier, shops, restaurants and a playground.

We enjoyed walking out on the pier, seeing boats and looking across the ocean.

Our kids thought the lighthouse looked so short after just seeing the one in St. Augustine.

It was perfect weather and a great afternoon to let the kids run wild at the playground before heading back to Savannah.

Bravely had a blast swinging and sliding, and she was worn out after all that fun.

Even though we didn’t get to see the 2020 HGTV Dream Home, we had a great afternoon at Hilton Head Island!

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