Meow Wolf – Santa Fe, NM…

Yesterday morning I helped Ryan hitch up in the pouring rain. That was an experience!

We drove about 40 miles in the rain. Then the clouds faded and we saw beautiful blue skies ahead.

We settled at our spot in Santa Fe. We went out for some authentic Mexican food and then got some much needed groceries.

Today we went to Meow Wolf, and we all absolutely loved it.

The website describes Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return as an immersive, permanent art installation featuring an astonishing form of non-linear storytelling. This unique and exploratory space was formed from a collaboration of over 100 artists, resulting in a wildly imaginative, interactive experience.

The tickets are what we consider pricey, especially as a big family. We paid $29 per adult and $21 per child over age 3. Ryan and I both agree that the experience was definitely worth the price.

We were hoping our little ones would enjoy the experience and not be apprehensive. Every one of them had such an amazing time exploring. No fear.

We were there for 2 1/2 hours, and honestly we could have happily stayed 4 hours. Bravely got hungry and tired.

There was something new at every turn.

Just when we thought we’d seen it all, we’d find a secret room or hidden passageway.

Going through the tunnel in the dryer was a huge hit.

This was great for all ages, even Ryan and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was weird, unique, fun and just overall really cool.

Tomorrow we plan to have a low key day. Homeschooling with actual books, the playground at our RV park, walks, cleaning and reorganizing a few things, everyday life stuff. We may venture out somewhere tomorrow evening. We’ll see.

I will share how we balance free stuff and pricey, going out to eat and eating at the RV or packing meals and how we choose which RV parks we stay in along the way. It’s a learning curve, and we are experimenting with what works well for us and what doesn’t in all aspects.

We are all really enjoying this new journey so far.

7 thoughts on “Meow Wolf – Santa Fe, NM…”

  1. I have really enjoyed your posts so far. I’m intrigued.
    Maybe I missed this info somehow but just wondering how you financially support your family while travelling full time:)

  2. We LOVE Santa Fe! Your pictures brought back so many memories from our time at Meow Wolf. I’m so glad you splurged (We thought it was a lot for 2 adults!) and everyone had a great time.

  3. I love Santa Fe. You’re there at a good time. There is so so much to see & do in the area. If you want any suggestions, just let me know. The Kodak International Balloon Fiesta should be going on right now in Albuquerque. Def a must see. Your kids would LOVE it. You could stay in the area & not run out of things to do. Tram up Sandia Mountain, Pecos Wilderness, Enchanted Circle, Glorieta, Chimayo, Los Alamos, Taos, train out of Chama, etc., etc.

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