More Than Conquerers…

One of my favorite things our kids are involved in is music.

Around age 5 each of our children started piano lessons. One thing lead to another, and now our oldest six play an array of instruments, including piano, guitar, bass, ukulele and drums. Each kid is finding his or her own niche, and we love watching each learn and grow in an individual way.

Our oldest five children formed a band last year called More Than Conquerers. Manning plays acoustic guitar and sings, Rhythm plays bass guitar and sings, Tapestry plays drums, Cherish plays keyboard and sings and Liberty sings. I love hearing them practice, and I love having music flood our house everyday.

Here they are at a recent concert performing “The Anthem”.

2 thoughts on “More Than Conquerers…”

  1. Hi Kristin,
    What a beautiful family you have! I listen to them preform so gifted I know you are smiling from ear to ear, I would be if they were mine. Enjoy following your Blog!
    Keep Smiling!


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