Bravely gets glasses…

Bravely has crossed her eyes inward, one eye at a time, since birth. Continuing to cross her eyes after passing the typical newborn eye-crossing phase, we decided to get her eyes checked. Turns out she is severely far-sighted and crosses her eyes in attempt to see more clearly.

She got glasses this week. It was so adorable watching her reaction to trying them on for the first time.

It took her a few minutes to adjust to having them on, but she quickly seemed to love being able to see in greater detail.

We can’t get over how cute she looks. And we are loving watching her reaction to seeing people, toys and things better. It’s a very obvious difference.

She seems to love her glasses, and we’ve been surprised that she hardly tries to take them off and that she wears them so well.

5 thoughts on “Bravely gets glasses…”

  1. Adorable… amazing how quick she will learn and be happier being able to see well…. a couple of my grands were the same way

  2. What a cute little dolly💕So happy she can see better now:) I know several babies/ toddlers Who have glasses and surprising how much they seem to like them and adjust. One 4 year old we know, however, found that his glasses made great double lane highways in the sand for his match box cars. LOL Took parents a little time to figure out why his lenses were so scratched up. 😂😂

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