Celebrating Mercy’s 7th birthday – Pigeon Forge, Tennessee…

Today we celebrated Mercy’s 7th birthday!

Mercy started the morning playing a game with Jubilee and River.

Then, she rode with her daddy to choose some donuts for everyone for breakfast. She picked maple, chocolate with white cream filling, pink with sprinkles and a powdered donut with strawberry filling.

This is our first birthday to celebrate in the new RV (which I will post about soon).

Mercy asked for trick candles. I told her we didn’t have any. We were ALL surprised to find out that these were trick candles. She got her wish, and it was impossible to blow out these candles! Mercy had fun trying. Ha!

After breakfast, we read her what we’d written in her journal and she opened gifts. Her siblings gave her thoughtful souvenirs, which she absolutely loved. Her favorite gift was a fair trade rainbow sketchbook I picked up for her at the Creation Museum. Mercy has become quite the little artist, and she fills sketchbooks quickly with her drawings.

Mercy spent the morning playing with gifts and playing on the playground at our RV park. Then, she had the lunch she requested and so desperately wanted…Chicken & Stars soup. No joke! She loved every bite!

After lunch, we went swimming. It was 27 degrees here this morning, but it was sunny and in the 50’s by this afternoon. There is a heated pool and lazy river at our RV park. Mercy’s dream was to swim on her birthday, so she was one happy little chick!

This evening, we had pizza and told Mercy what each of us like about her. She came in our bed and watched Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig. We don’t watch much TV, so this was a special treat for her.

Mercy had a great, fun day, and we loved celebrating our girl!

Happy 7th birthday, Mercy Rain! 🌈

You are such a cute and fun daughter! You giggle often. You find so many things funny, and you love saying and doing funny things. You are laid back and easy-going most of the time. You are well-behaved and almost never get a consequence. You do speak your mind. You say what probably everybody else is thinking. You aren’t afraid to call something what it is, good or bad. I love it when you do one of your cute, funny dances. You have recently emerged as this amazing little artist. The pictures you draw blow me away! You are a really good friend to each of your siblings. You rotate around playing with youngest to oldest, a friend to all. You love fashion – dressing up, wearing clip-on earrings and doing your hair. You are athletic, and you enjoy most any outdoor activity. You are easy to parent. You add so much cuteness, laughter and fun to our family. I am so happy I get to be your mommy, and I love you so very much! 💕

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