And we have another teenager in the house (well the RV)…

Today is Rhythm’s 13th birthday. It’s also the day we adopted Rhythm from China four years ago. It’s hard to believe we now have two teenagers!

We had a great day celebrating Rhythm’s birthday and him being a part of our family! We started the morning with his request of Toaster Strudels for breakfast.

Then we each read him what we wrote in his journal, and he opened some gifts. We buy each kid a journal when they are born (or adopted in Rhythm’s case) that we keep. We write notes in it for birthdays and special holidays or events. Eventually each kid will have his or her journal full of love and encouragement. They cherish these journals.

We surprised Rhythm with an MP3 player. He is so excited to have his own device.

We picked up Rhythm’s choice of Arby’s for lunch. I told him I’d take him on an awesome date to get Chinese food soon. Otherwise, he definitely would have chose Chinese food today.

Rhythm decided he wanted to stay at our RV park today because there is a lot of fun stuff to do here.

The kids played basketball, and we all played putt-putt golf this evening.

Rhythm had a really fun day, and we all had a great time celebrating him!

The day Ryan brought Rhythm home from China

Happy 13th birthday, Rhythm!

You are a teenager! You are a cool, fun, laid-back kid. You are a rule-follower. You like things clean, organized and perfectly tidy. You are good at anything requiring meticulous detail and care. You like a schedule and regimented routine, but you love adding anything fun and new. You enjoy playing indoor or outdoor games. You love traveling and exploring new places. You like working hard to master new skills, and you do master many skills. You like hanging out with friends and meeting new friends. You have conversations with strangers and make new friends with ease. You are loyal and dependable. You are a good friend to each of your sisters and a best bud to Manning. You love God and want to be part of anything to do with Him. You are a great musician, and you truly are the rhythm keeper of the band. You give me lots of good laughs, you are always willing to help me with anything and you are a fun son. I am so happy to have you as my son, and I love you very much! 💙

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