Turner Falls Park, National Cowboy Museum, a date and friends – Ardmore, OK…

Last week we stayed in a really fun RV park in Ardmore, OK.

There’s a large pond in the center of the park with kayaks, pedal boats and water slides. Manning and I were planning to go on a date to the Melting Pot and an escape room for his 13th birthday in March, but everything had just started shutting down at that time due to COVID-19 so I owed him a great date. We decided to play on the water one afternoon as our date, and we had an absolute blast!

I told him I’ll still take him the the Melting Pot when we get the opportunity as well.

We went on a walk almost every evening. The weather was nice, and we had a great view. We loved stopping by the koi pond to feed the fish.

We met some friends, the Pollards, about a year ago. They were our RV neighbors at a park in Texas. We went to visit them at their home in Oklahoma and had such a good time. Swimming, dinner, worship, milking a cow, lots of conversations and laughter.

Tuesday, we decided to drive to Turner Falls Park. Turner Falls is the largest waterfall in Oklahoma.

It did not disappoint! The whole park is gorgeous. There were pools of water and small waterfalls all around. Some people were swimming or wading in the water.

We did not swim because all kids ages 12 and under were required to wear flotation devices if swimming. We don’t own flotation devices for our older kids, so we decided to just wade in the water.

There is also a walk through castle that was built in 1930 at Turner Falls Park.

It was quite the hike up stairs to get to all the different parts of the castle, but we really enjoyed exploring it.

Once we passed through all parts of the castle, we went across a bridge and ended up above the large waterfall. It was awesome to look down on it.

Wednesday, we wrapped up our time in Oklahoma by meeting some friends at the National Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma City. We went to church with the Fords for years in Texas before they moved to Oklahoma. We were all really excited to see them, and we had a great time!

The museum is really neat. There are all sorts of Western art and artifacts displayed. It’s a huge museum with a huge parking lot. There were only two other small groups of people there, though, we assume because of COVID-19. That was nice for us, as we were hardly in contact with people but still got to enjoy the museum mask-free.

There’s a great outdoor area with a playground and different types of teepees and houses to explore.

We all really enjoyed the museum, and we especially enjoyed hanging with friends.

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  1. Hi Kristin! My husband and I visited with you and Ryan yesterday in Topeka, Kansas. We were parked next to you and your sweet family. Thank you for telling me about your blog. I look forward to reading about all of your adventures. Keep on rolling!

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