Our last week in Texas…

We spent our last week in Texas getting all sorts of practical things done and visiting family and friends.

We stayed at Aggieland RV Park in Bryan, TX for a week. It was small and nice. The pool was empty most of the time, so we enjoyed swimming. And we enjoyed going on a walk most every evening.

Dr. Suarez, our doctor who delivered four of our babies and is our family doctor came to our RV to do some check-ups. That was unique and fun!

We visited my aunt and uncle. We were all excited to see Aunt Sara, as we hadn’t seen her since she went to Disney World with us in January.

We took Bravely to her eye appointment at Texas Children’s, and she got a new prescription. She is severely far-sighted. She’ll be getting some new cute mustard yellow glasses in the mail soon.

We got to hang out with our old pastors and close friends, Villard and Diane. We are so happy every time we get to be with them.

There are all sorts of beliefs about the coronavirus, as you know. We are somewhere in the middle when it comes to how we are dealing with it. We are cautious about being in public and specifically in crowds. We are starting to get out more, though, and mostly we feel comfortable getting together with family and friends. We have canceled a couple get-togethers with ones who’ve had fever or been in contact with someone who’s tested positive for the coronavirus. We have picked up food but haven’t eaten in a restaurant yet, mostly because our family size is too large to comply with current regulations in most states. The theme of this season is flexibility. We are making some plans and adjusting and changing plans as needed.

After our week in Bryan, we headed to Terrell (near Dallas) for a couple nights.

We went over to my childhood best friend’s house to hang out with her, her husband and daughter. Sheila and I met and were neighbors as babies. We grew up together and graduated high school together.

Our kids had so much fun together…swimming, jumping, movies, tiny cake-baking and decorating and making pizzas!

Cooking is not my strong suit, so I was so glad our kids got some lessons with Sheila – ha!

Our friends, Mel and Debbie, met up with us and stayed a night in Terrell as they were passing through. We didn’t tell the kids, so it was a fun surprise!

Mel took the kids fishing, which they loved.

River is terrified of dogs, so we are always working with her trying to get her to warm up to them. She’s come a long way in the past six months.

This ended our time in Texas. The next morning we started our drive to Oklahoma. We are back on the road once again, and though it’s quite different with all that’s going on, it feels good. Rolling by the dozen.

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