Stones River National Battlefield – Murfreesboro, TN…

While we were in Tennessee, we visited the Stones River National Battlefield.

It is a historic 570-acre park and cemetery with a visitor’s center and marked trails along the Civil War battlefield.

We went just as some places were starting to close due to the corona virus. The visitor’s center was closed, but we were welcomed to tour the grounds.

We went with our friends, Mel and Debbie. Mel was the perfect history teacher. Our older kids enjoyed learning all about the Battle of Stones River.

We walked through the cemetery. This is the second cemetery we’ve gone to with our kids outside of funerals of family members. Cemeteries can feel scary, sad or intimidating, but our kids have become more comfortable. They respect the lives lived, and they like reading about different people and thinking about what their lives may have been like. Here they enjoyed finding people who shared a birthday with them.

Checking out different cannons was a big hit.

We all appreciated learning about the battle and thinking about what it would have been like to have been a part of it.

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