Liberty turns 9 during the coronavirus social distancing…

Well, we decided to head back to Texas during this time of lockdowns and social distancing. It was hard deciding if we should just stay put for awhile in Tennessee or if we should head back to Texas. We did not want to catch or spread the corona virus, and ultimately we decided it may be best to stay with Lolli and Pop, my parents, for awhile. We made it back to Texas on Sunday, and we are enjoying spending time with Lolli and Pop. We do plan to travel again – when the time seems right. For now, I will blog about some of our adventures we had before we got here, and I will blog about some of our daily life while we stay put. I hope you are safe, provided for and have or find peace during this uncertain time! ♥️

Yesterday we celebrated Liberty’s 9th birthday! She has been waiting and waiting for her 9th birthday, the day she had planned to get her ears pierced.

I warned her about a week ago that malls would likely be closed down and that she may have to wait awhile to get her ears pierced. She embraced the situation with a great attitude and had a very fun day at Lolli & Pop’s.

We started the morning by making biscuits and doing a biscuit stack rather than our traditional donut stack. Liberty loved helping make the biscuits, and she thought they were a yummy alternative to donuts.

After breakfast, Liberty read what each of us wrote her in her journal, and she opened gifts. We gave her a collection of things we had snuck and purchased along the way while traveling.

Liberty and I went on a walk, where I asked her tons of questions like, “What do you want to do when you grow up?”, “What kind of guy do you hope to marry?”, “If you could add color to your hair, what color would you pick?” Then, Liberty and I played a card game, Five Crowns.

Lolli gave Liberty a choice of what she wanted her to cook for dinner. Liberty chose wings, fries and salad. And we had iced butterfly cookies for dessert… a perfect representation of Liberty.

Yesterday evening we played a really fun card game called Scum. It is a great game for a large number of players.

Liberty had a great birthday, and we had a great day celebrating her!

Happy 9th birthday, Liberty Pearl! You have such a great personality. You are funny and fun. You easily entertain, and you are able to cause almost anyone to burst into laughter. You are very diligent and disciplined in school, chores and tasks. You motivate others to stick to a routine and to get things done that they planned to do. You are a dreamer and a doer. I often find you hanging out in the loft reading a book or memorizing bible verses. You are brave and secure. I love hearing you sing solo the first verse of “You Say” boldly in front of people. For so long you hoped and wished to be old enough to tote a baby sister around on your hip. Finally, we have let you do that with Bravely. You absolutely love holding her and caretaking her, and you are great at it. You are a sweet, fun little sister and friend to your older sisters and brothers. And you are a fun, entertaining big sister to your little sisters. You are a really good friend, and you have quite the slew of best friends. You add cheer and laughter everywhere you go. You are easy to parent, you are cheerfully obedient and you set a great example of having a good attitude no matter your circumstances. I sure do love you, and I am so very happy you are my girl! 💜

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