An RV Christmas…

We’ve enjoyed spending lots of time with family and friends over the past couple weeks!

Last weekend we celebrated Christmas with Ryan’s family.

Card games, sports, baby dolls – our kids had a blast playing with their cousins!

Then we spent this past weekend with my family. We are still at Lolli and Pop’s, and we are getting ready to ring in the new year tonight.

Because our kids are home-schooled, most of their closest friends are each other and their cousins. They are loving all this cousin-time!

On Christmas Eve, our little {big} family opened gifts and unstuffed stockings in our home…our RV.

Many people have asked, “What do you get TEN kids that you can fit in an RV?!” So, I thought I’d share most of the gifts that we and other family members gave to our kids this Christmas.

The most exciting gift that was from us and both sets of grandparents were tickets to Disney World. None of our kids have ever been. We gave each kid a personalized Disney shirt I ordered on Etsy as a way to announce the surprise. Other family members gave our kids Disney gift cards, Disney character autograph books and Minnie Mouse Ears headbands.

We got each of our kids a belt bag that holds a water bottle. We will be so happy to have these for hikes and visits to national parks. We also got each kid a 4 X 6 photo album to put the postcards in that they collect from each place we go. Other family members got our kids books and more Jonathan Park audio series, which they love.

Many of the RV parks we visit have pickle ball courts and basketball courts, so we got our boys this pickle ball set and a new basketball. We also got them a badminton set and a frisbee.

I am a Noonday Collection ambassador, so naturally our girls love all the jewelry. Our older girls specifically asked for Noonday jewelry, so that’s what we got them. Each of them loved what they received.

We’ve had so many different baby toys over the years. We’ve learned what the majority of babies and toddlers tend to like, so we went with tried and true toys for Bravely. We got her a busy board, stacking cups, pull-back toy vehicles and toy car keys. She loved and has been enjoying all of it.

We stuffed the stockings with neat little items I found along the way as we were traveling. The favorite items were the tiny harmonica necklaces we gave to each kid. Those were from the Museum of Making Music we visited in Carlsbad, CA.

On Christmas Day we continued our tradition of making Jesus a birthday cake, singing “Happy Birthday” and going wild with silly string.

It was a sweet and special holiday season for us. Hope it was for you as well! ♥️

In about a week and a half we’ll head toward Florida. Our first stop will be Disney World, and then we’ll continue traveling through and visiting the southeast states.

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