Home for the holidays – Texas…

A week and a half ago we crossed the line back into our home state. There’s joy crossing the line going out and joy crossing the line coming back into home sweet home, Texas.

We’ve set up camp at our favorite spot on the lake near our hometown, Brenham.

It’s true when living in an RV that home is where you park it, but home is also the place where you don’t have to use maps to navigate to Walmart, the place you run into people you know everywhere you go and the place you have family and friends. We’ve missed home, as in friends, family and familiarity, but we’ve not missed living in a house.

We’ve been preparing for Christmas, and we’ve been enjoying some good quality time with friends. We are looking forward to spending a good bit of time surrounding Christmas with our families.

We’ve been knocking out practical stuff like doctor visits, hair appointments and tax preparation. Little Bravely got new glasses, and we think she looks as adorable as ever.

We are currently working on our next traveling route. We’ll be heading toward Florida the second week of January. We plan to visit the southeast states through winter and early spring. Please help us plan our route by letting us know your favorite spots among these states!

May you experience peace in the midst of the hustle and bustle the holiday season often brings. May you experience merry and bright if it’s been a hard season. And may you know the thrill of hope. ❤️

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