Tapestry’s 12th birthday – Lake Somerville, TX…

When we visit back home, Brenham, TX, we almost always stay at Lake Somerville. We can’t get over starting and ending each day with this view.

Tapestry turned 12 today, and we had a great day celebrating her!

She chose what she wanted for breakfast.

We read her what we each wrote to her in her journal, and she opened gifts.

Something Tapestry has really missed since we started RVing is playing a drum set rather than a djembe. We gave her an electric drum pad today, and she is so excited about it.

Bravely is really excited about it as well.

We spent the rest of the morning making bracelets, which we all thought was fun.

We watched The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe this afternoon. Most of our older kids have read the book, but they had not seen the movie. They loved it.

Tapestry requested we pick up Mexican food for dinner, so we did. She enjoyed her cheese enchilada meal.

Then we finished out the day with s’mores, wading in the water and watching the sun go down on the lake.

It was a full but relaxed day celebrating our girl!

Happy 12th birthday, Tapestry Noel! You are growing up and becoming a young woman! You are a great daughter, sister and friend. You are fun to be with, and I really enjoy having conversations with you. I love that you think deep and that you like to talk about your feelings. You aren’t afraid to ask questions or admit when you are worried or concerned about something. I think it is really awesome that you are so aware of your own thoughts and feelings, and that you care enough to sort through difficult things. You are learning to find peace in the midst of worry, which is so important for now and years to come. You care deeply about God, and you love spending time reading and talking to Him. You care well for others. It’s important to you to work through conflict and to have good relationships. You find joy in teaching your little sisters and caring for and cuddling Bravely. You love hanging out and chatting with Cherish and Liberty. You like playing games and hanging out with Manning and Rhythm. You are a great musician, artist and creative writer and story-teller. I think it’s super cool that you are a drummer. You are dedicated, structured and organized. You prioritize your time well, and you like to make the most out of each day. I truly enjoy being your mom, and I am excited for the days, months and years ahead that I’ll have with you! I am so happy with you, and I just love who you are! I couldn’t ask for a better oldest daughter. I love you so very much, forever and always! 💖