Thanksgiving in Tennessee…

After our time in Pigeon Forge, we moved on to Antioch, Tennessee. Antioch is near Nashville. There we stayed at a nice, peaceful RV park called Four Corners RV Resort. It was the perfect place for our family RV Thanksgiving!

We loved what we did for Thanksgiving last year, so we continued with our miniature theme this year. All the food was miniature in size, representing our time in our miniature home. We made mini quiches, wings, pizza bites, brussel sprouts, cheese sticks, mini tacos and more. For dessert we had cream puffs, cheese cake bites and cannoli.

We all really enjoyed the fun theme and fun food!

We put craft paper covering our tables and wrote what we are thankful for.

We went for a walk around the lake after lunch, and we soaked in the nice weather and beautiful views.

We spent the rest of the day playing games, and we ended the day talking about the many things we are grateful for.

The next day, we went over to Mel and Debbie’s (our good friends) house to celebrate Thanksgiving with them as well.

We had such a good day there!

We had hamburgers for lunch.

Then, we let our four oldest kids try something they’d never done…shooting guns. Mel taught them some gun safety and they, along with Ryan and I, shot at targets. I was glad they got to learn a little about guns and do some shooting in a safe environment. I don’t take my kids being around guns lightly!

We spent the night over at Mel and Debbie’s, and we were very thankful for our time with them!

Every year that passes, every moment I get to spend with our ten kids, the more I realize that these are very precious days. Days I am so very thankful for!

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