Reunited with friends – Branson, Missouri…

After Arkansas, we headed to Branson, Missouri. We could hardly wait to get there and meet up with our friends, Mel and Debbie. We just love RVing with them!

We spent the first evening just hanging out with them, catching up on life. They are like a 3rd set of grandparents to our kids. We were all happy, happy to be with them and their dogs, Paisley and Paxton.

We have several girls who are scared of dogs and get very nervous around dogs. All of our kids have warmed up to and love Paisley and Paxton, though.

The second day in Branson, we went to play putt-putt golf. We all love mini golf.

We broke up into three groups and started putting.

Our older kids are getting to the point they can beat us some now. We have fun and encourage each other, but each of us try our best to stomp the rest. Ha.

There were two different courses at this place. Apparently the boys chose the easy course and the girls the hard. I made a 5 on a couple holes. It was no joke!

We had lots of laughing, happy dancing and fun!

That evening we had hot dogs and salad, and we enjoyed the fall weather.

Traveling is so much fun. RVing is a blast. Meeting up with friends on the road is the best, though!

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