Jubilee’s 8th birthday – Spokane, WA…

Monday we left Montana and took the prettiest drive through Idaho to Washington. We are staying at an RV park just outside of Spokane.

We’ve been enjoying our week here, and today we had fun celebrating Jubilee’s 8th birthday!

Some new friends taught us a new birthday song, and we love it! Jubilee picked pancake bread and apple cinnamon bread from Trader Joe’s for her special birthday breakfast. We threw in some trick candles for fun!

After breakfast we each read Jubilee what we wrote to her in her journal, and she opened gifts.

She was excited and surprised that Lolli and Pop had sent her a gift in the mail – bean bag toss.

For lunch Jubilee requested a burrito bowl from Chipotle. She usually has a kid’s meal, which she loves, but she really wanted to try what Mommy and Daddy usually get.

She was only able to eat about 1/4 of it before she asked to save the rest for later. She loved it, though.

Jubilee really wanted to go swimming for her birthday. The pool at our RV park is closed due to COVID, so we drove about 45 minutes to Liberty Lake.

It was crowded, but we found a decent spot to swim. The water wasn’t too cold. And the surrounding view was awesome.

This evening we all took showers, ate dinner and then played on the RV park playground. Jubilee had a great day!

Happy 8th birthday, Jubilee Hope! 💗

You’ve grown up so much this year and have become so mature for your age. You are a master organizer, and you enjoy organizing. I think your clothes drawer is the neatest. You are fun-loving, bubbly and always enjoyable to spend time with. Your smile lights up a room, always has. You are a a ray of sunshine, and your name suits you so well. You love school and learning. You enjoy playing games. You love hanging out with your older siblings and playing with your younger siblings. You’ve joined the band, and I love watching you sing and shake your shaker. You live like your life is a musical, busting out in a spontaneous song at any moment. You’d definitely make a great song-writer. You know what you want, and you go after what you want with a strong determination. You are kind-hearted and loving as well. You are a great, one-of-a-kind daughter who brings a a smile to my face everyday. I love you so very much, Jubilee, and I am so happy you are my girl! 💖

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