Yellowstone River – Billings, Montana…

Monday we made the beautiful drive from Dickinson, North Dakota to Billings, Montana.

When we first pulled into our RV park, Yellowstone River RV Park, it looked very nice. We quickly found out that this park has narrow double sites, meaning we’d be sharing a small space with another RV. We would be unable to keep our outdoor rug, table and normal stuff out due to having such a close neighbor. After getting over the shock of the crowded space and settling in, we decided to walk the nature trail at the back of our RV park.

We walked a little ways down the trail, and we were impressed.

We continued on and were excited when we got to this rock bed with a rimrock view. Our kids collected several unique and pretty rocks. We have a rock collection and a seashell collection from our travels. We plan to have clear jars filled with each in the future.

Instead of crossing the rock bed and walking the marked trail, we decided to walk along the rock bed and see where it led us. And we ended up at such an amazing spot – Yellowstone River.

We honestly had no idea we’d end up here. It was the best kind of surprise, and it made the lack of RV space completely worth it.

We had a blast throwing rocks into the river and watching the big splashes, skipping stones across the river, and throwing sticks into the river and watching the sticks float out of site.

We returned to the river the next two evenings. It was just too gorgeous and so much fun. Our kids made a new friend, and we took him along with us the third night.

Something we’ve learned while RVing is that we often find the most amazing things or have the best time in the most unexpected places. When something seems to go south, we know something really good must be just around the corner.

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  1. We have also stayed there. We have a son they lives in Billings and we usually travel there once a year…but with the crazy virus we haven’t been traveling. Have a wonderful time, enjoy the water and rock hunting. Were to next? Have you done Capitol Reef?

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