Great Smoky Mountains National Park – Tennessee…

Sunday we went to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It is the most visited national park in the United States.

There are several hiking trails. We chose to hike the Cataract Falls Trail first. It’s not stroller friendly, but it is an easy hike with small children. It’s a little less than a mile long, and the trail starts near the Sugarlands Visitor Center.

There’s a flowing stream that runs close by the trail, and ultimately the trail leads to a waterfall.

We met a couple along the trail from Texas, Paul and Rachel. Rachel is the baby out of ten siblings. It was really fun to meet and chat with them. As a mom of ten, I am so happy when I meet an adult who had a lot of siblings and loved it.

After we finished hiking the Cataract Falls Trail, we drove our van a short distance to parking for the Sugarlands Valley Nature Trail.

This trail is stroller friendly and an easy walk. There is a stream flowing through, which we loved seeing and hearing.

There are a couple of old chimneys standing that are left from houses of early settlers. These were neat to see.

Bravely loved riding in the carrier on her daddy’s back. And she especially loved when I gave her little bites of a fruit bar. This is the smile she gave after each bite.

We loved exploring and hiking at another national park. The Great Smoky Mountains is a beautiful one, and it is easy to navigate to and through.

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  1. <3. So glad to meet y’all as well!
    Paul and I also went on the hike with the old houses today. We really enjoyed seeing the remnants and wondered what life was like for those who lived there. It was a fun adventure!

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