River’s 3rd birthday – St. George, UT…

We are now in Utah. We decided to leave Colorado before that 16 degree weather hit. For the most part, we plan to chase good weather.

Yesterday we celebrated our first birthday in the RV, River’s 3rd birthday!

We always do a big donut stack with candles as our birthday cake. It was something we did once that was asked for again and again, so much that it naturally became a tradition.

Several times I asked River what she wanted to do for her birthday. She responded, “Donuts!”

We had to be pretty strategic with gifts as 12 of us are living in 400 square feet of space, and knowing this first birthday sets the expectations for all other birthdays in the RV.

River was so happy with her gifts, and I loved that she wanted to wear her headband all day.

We have a journal for each of our children that Ryan and I write in for each of their birthdays. Normally our kids make each other cards. Before moving out of our house we all discussed the idea of the kids starting to write in each other’s journals as well. We started that for River’s birthday.

After donuts, gifts and reading the journal, we headed to St. George Children’s Museum.

We’ve been to a few different children’s museums in Texas. This one was unique and different to those.

Each room had a different theme.

The little girls especially loved the farm/animal themed room.

Bravely sitting on this shaking tray was hilarious. She wanted to do it again and again. I obviously couldn’t hold back my laughter.

There was a perfect mix of things to engage both big kids and little kids.

All our big kids particular enjoyed the bank room, especially sending money through a chute.

All our kids loved the stage room. The older ones got to control curtains, lights and sound. The younger ones enjoyed dancing and being silly on the stage.

This was definitely the perfect place to take River for her third birthday.

Three is a great age. That’s when kids first really learn the power of their own freedom and choice. It can be a trying time for us parents. Having watched seven kids already go through this stage, I see it as an important and precious stage. But it doesn’t make those dramatic fits or the long waiting when the child must do something “by myself” any more pleasurable. I love this stage overall, though.

The way River talks, laughs and learns to do new things (by herself) is the cutest.

Won’t be long until River is moving out of this phase and Bravely is moving into it.

Happy 3rd birthday, River Grace!

You are cute, spicy, spunky and fun! You used to be so timid around strangers, extended family, friends or a crowd. Now you are quite outgoing. You love saying hi to people and making new friends. You are super sweet, loving and so well-mannered. You also get this determined, mischievous look in your eye when you are getting ready to do something that takes bravery or that you know you probably shouldn’t do. You are hilarious and really bring a lot of laughter to our family. I love the way you erupt in loud laughter. You love Bravely and are always trying to kiss, hug, play with or hold her. You love being silly with Mercy and Treasure. All your siblings adore you. You are so very precious to me, a true joy to have as my daughter! I love you so very much, my little River G!

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  1. Thank you for shaving your Adventures with us! Enjoy the times with the children because they grow up so fast! Happy Birthday! 🎁🎈🎂🎉🎊 River!

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