Mesa Verde National Park – Colorado

Y’all…we had quite the eventful move from New Mexico to Colorado.

We could not retract our RV jacks yesterday when getting ready to leave the park in Santa Fe. We were on a pretty big slope and we got the error message: excessive angle. After pushing buttons what felt like a thousand times, we got the idea to drive one side of the RV onto ramps. Once we did that our jacks immediately retracted with the push of a button. We thought all was well, and we headed on our merry way to Colorado.

When we arrived at our next destination our jacks would not extend and our 4 slides would not go out. It was after 5:00 so Google and Facebook were our best options for help. We tried all sorts of things, none worked. We took a break and went to eat Mexican food since we could not get into our RV for food. A really sweet couple talked with us for awhile and handed us $100. That was super sweet and lightened the RV stress. At 10:30 PM we surrendered trying to fix the RV and went to a hotel. This morning we made a slew of calls and ended up talking to our new hero, Joe (Good Sam tech support). He walked us through having a tripped breaker, not having a reset button like we should, bypassing wires, etc. After following his step by step instructions, down came our jacks and out came our slides! We are back in the RV with a part we will be replacing arriving at 8AM tomorrow. Joe will then walk us through the replacing process, and we will then have a breaker reset switch! All part of the adventure!

Once we felt good about our RV, we headed to Mesa Verde National Park.

I believe it costs $25 per vehicle to get in, but we get in to all national parks free because Cherish has a 4th grade park pass. That is such an awesome thing offered by national parks!

We arrived too late to get on a tour to walk through the cliff dwellings. But we did get to drive up the winding mountain and tour the museum.

The kids filled out pamphlets answering all sorts of questions about Mesa Verde. They were then given junior ranger badges. They really enjoyed this.

Then we went to a lookout point where we could see one of the cliff dwellings where Indians lived many years ago.

It was really amazing to see.

We are still loving living in the RV. We are trying to beat the soon-to-come extreme cold and snow by heading to Utah soon.

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