Rhythm’s 14th Birthday – Athens, Texas…

Today we celebrated Rhythm’s 14th birthday!

Of course, we started the morning with Rhythm going with his daddy to select some donuts for our traditional birthday donut stack. Rhythm chose an apple fritter and a raspberry filled donut for himself and a slew of other options for his brother and sisters.

Daddy stacked the donuts and put the fourteen candles on top. Usually I do that, but I asked him to do it while I got dressed. Turns out Daddy does it way neater and prettier. It was perfect for Rhythm as he is our kid who likes straight lines, matching and all things neat! Haha.

We sang “Happy Birthday”, and Rhythm blew all his candles out in one breath. Then each kid chose their donuts and devoured them.

After breakfast, Rhythm opened gifts. One of his favorite gifts was this pack of 30+ Asian snacks. He also received a laser tag set, flag football, the game Throw Throw Burrito, fire sticks, juggling balls, a Between Mom & Son Journal and a Between Dad & Son Journal. He really liked all his gifts.

Next, we read Rhythm what each of us wrote in his journal.

And then the older kids headed outside with Daddy to play some flag football. Y’all, we have been spoiled traveling outside of Texas. The heat and humidity here is over the top. We can hardly stand it this year, now that we’ve experienced other! Ha.

After flag football, we loaded up and headed to the Dallas area to a Chinese restaurant. The first restaurant we went to was closed for dine-in due to Covid. We were not expecting that as most of Texas is open at this point, but we weren’t thinking about how big cities may not be completely open. We quickly searched for another Chinese restaurant with good reviews. I made a call and asked if they were open for dine-in. She said, “yes”, when I told her there were 12 of us. When we got there, we realized they normally only do take-out, but they allowed us to dine in. We were really thankful as we were an hour away from the RV, it was 2PM, and we had promised our birthday boy Chinese food! Rhythm thoroughly enjoyed every bite of noodle and shrimp he took.

When we finished lunch, we made our way to Urban Air. We bought our five oldest kids the ultimate package, which we have never done. They were so excited to get to do the sky walk, zip line, climbing walls, trampolines and all sorts of things. Our younger kids enjoyed everything they were tall enough to do.

We ran to Trader Joe’s to pick up some groceries and dinner before heading back to our RV. When we got back, Manning and Rhythm played laser tag out in the dark. Then, we all told Rhythm things we like about him to end the great day of celebration.

the day we adopted Rhythm

Happy 14th birthday, Rhythm! ✨ You are a fun-loving, easy-going guy. You are a conversationalist and talk to others, even people we’ve just met, with ease. You aren’t afraid to ask questions, and you are often full of those. You grow, learn and get to know people from getting answers to all those questions. You like to know the rules and follow the rules. You spur others on to follow the rules as well. You like things neat and tidy. You are quick to clean up any messes around you. You love attempting anything new, and you usually master what you attempt because you have a determination to keep at it. You have a unique sense of humor, and you bring lots of good laughter. You are a good friend to anyone around you. You include others and help people feel comfortable and special. You are a great brother to all your siblings and a great son to me! I love you lots, and I am so happy to have you as my son! 💙

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