RV shopping, starting school and snow – West Des Moines, Iowa…

After our time in Branson, we headed to West Des Moines, Iowa.

You know that we typically plan to do something specific to each state, but we did not in Iowa.

We found the exact RV model we’d been looking at on the internet for over a month a couple hours from West Des Moines, so we were fixated on seeing it.

We ended up driving to see it twice. It was all we hoped it’d be in person. The second time, I took my tape measure and measured most every space I’d want or need to use for storage and furniture. I think the salesman thought I was crazy. Haha! I didn’t care. I was happy to collect all the important information.

We ended up making an offer and negotiating. We came to an agreement on price, so we put down a deposit. We like the 2020 model better than the 2021, so we wanted to stake claim on one of the handful left in the U.S. Once we sell our current RV, we’ll pick up our new toy hauler or have it delivered. We will be very thankful to have two bathrooms and a large bunk room for all our girls. And it will be fun to turn the garage space into a beautiful and functional room.

After celebrating Ryan and Cherish’s birthdays at the first of our week in Iowa, we finally started school! We typically start our school year soon after Labor Day. The mail has been very uncertain during Covid, though. We’ve had a couple packages go missing and some not make it in time to an RV park where we are staying. Therefore, we decided to have all our homeschool curriculum sent to my parents’ house. That worked well, but we weren’t able to pick it up until October.

The good thing about starting school late is that our kids were so ready! They are very motivated and are enjoying challenges and learning new things.

It was really cold, rainy and misty most of the time we were in Iowa. We enjoyed our week, nonetheless, and we woke up to snow on our last morning there!

Travel day is not the most ideal day for snow, but it was pretty and the roads were fine for driving.

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