At a loss…

I’ve decided to start a blog. Obviously.

I get asked often if I have a blog or YouTube channel or if I am going to start one. For years Facebook and Instagram have been sufficient platforms for me to post all I desire to post online, though, so I never had the desire to do anything other. But as we prepare to sell our house and head out, as a family of 12, on a year(ish) long RV adventure, I decided it was time to take the plunge and start something. I like words and photos more than videos, so a blog it is.

I used to have a blog, 10+ years ago. I felt I had so much to say back then, so much to offer the world around me. The older I’ve grown, the less I feel I know, the less I want my thoughts permanently penned and the less I feel a need or desire to say much of anything. So, I come to you with a loss of words.

What you’ll find here are photos of our everyday life, ones that show more of our happy moments than sad. You’ll read the fun, hard, good and crazy adventures of a large family. I doubt I’ll give much parenting or marriage advice. I parent how I parent and wife how I wife – you do you. I’m no mom or wife idol, and not only do I not think that I know it all – I KNOW I don’t know it all. I think my kids are awesome and precious, so I will unapologetically over-post all sorts of things about them. I have many deep thoughts, and I have no doubt I’ll share some of those here. I, also, have no doubt that I will later disagree with some of my own thoughts. I do get vulnerable and will at times give TMI (too much info). I love Jesus, a lot. He has loved me and brought me out of some of the deepest pits. He will be ribboned throughout every bit of this blog. But you won’t find religion or judgement here. You’ll find hope, laughter, love and life.

I hope I find or brave more words as I go, and that I’ll regain a voice I feel I’ve given up or lost. But I’d rather have few words than lofty ones. I can’t really say what exactly this blog will be, but here it is. Come along if you’d like…

26 thoughts on “At a loss…”

  1. I’m excited to follow your journey. We are only a family of three and find it difficult at times living in an RV fulltime but we make it work. I’m sure you all will, too. I am following you on Instagram as well. My profile is if you’d like to follow back. 🙂 Looking forests to more posts!

  2. We have 4 kids and have been out 2 months… getting organized and on a routine…. it is fun to see and experience so much. I definitely recommend a musuem pass we love ours over a dozen musuems so far

  3. We full time also, but it’s just the 2 of us and our kitties. I wish you the best in your travels. Be safe and hav ed fun! Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  4. I have to say before meeting you IRL I really could not imagine the life you lead-that there was no way you could be as ‘glass half full’ and full of dreams with 10 little ones..Then meeting you and your family and seeing the real have so much wisdom to share (although you don’t feel like you’re in a position of giving advice-you are!) remain so rooted in your faith and following your path and I can’t help but want to follow along in your journey! So glad you are committing to doing a blog so we can!

  5. I am excited to follow your blog
    I have to say I just can’t imagine that large of a family living in an RV. But , if anyone can make it work it sounds like you can.
    Looking forward to your post.

  6. I loved your intro and look forward to following your adventures! My husband and I are 66 and will both be retired by June, no kids, and will be “considering” going full time RV living and here you are doing this as a large family!
    I think your kids are very, very fortunate!

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